Popping up at Craft Central

The last 3 days of this week have been spent with Ali, mostly at her pop up shop in Craft Central, in Clerkenwell. It has been nice (if tiring!) to have some continuity with my interning for once and I feel like I am actually making a contribution to helping things run smoothly on a day to day basis. Barring Wednesday (which was a day packing and sending orders before tackling the backlog of emails and admin), things have been refreshingly different in manning the reception desk, meeting more new interns and navigating myself to hitherto unexplored areas within Clerkenwell!

Craft Central, St Johns Square, Clerkenwell
Until the end of this week

Yesterday I was able to get my teeth sunk into some layout ideas for a newsletter, that will be included in Ali’s Christmas cards this year. After spending the early part of the morning in a coffee shop and roughing out my ideas for copy, organisation and general contents based on the discussion I had the previous evening. I’d be lying if I said that the tea and biscuits made the template making and press cutting collating more difficult, but I had good company and made the best of needing to staff the open doors at all times.

Excuse the old version of the layout, it has since has a more swish makeover

The template I have mapped out and uploaded for the handover of the project is based on the ratio of a page and was mostly dictated by the needs of a single but important page. By incorporating a grid that accommodated the press images, it creates a starting point for the rest- especially as the overall contents and order of the newsletter will soon be shuffled.

Fitting the salient points of a webpage into a small space was a little challenging, but in the end I found that reshaping the information myself made much better results! As I look at it now, I would make that title a fraction longer to line up with the middle and nudge a few things, but thats picking picking picking… I should have time to change this when I’m next in!

Unfortunately for the foreseeable future of 2012, I cannot say that I will be spending alot of time with Ali due to my Christmas job taking up a good deal of my time during the week. But as we have spoken about, my January is open for any-and-everything, so hopefully I can bounce right back to help out with the busy period before the upcoming shows in early 2013.

However, I am definitely learning alot about the material effects and requirements of running a small business, which in itself certainly seems like sensible and sobering knowledge to be in possession of!

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