A Renewed Packaging Obsession

As anyone reading this and knows me will testify to, once I get my started on a project I tend to become rather engrossed in what I am working on. This also normally involves a fair share of forgetfulness, caffeine and untidiness with my personal possessions (slightly embarrassing in shared spaces!). Which is probably why having 2 part time jobs for the next couple of months, will be ideal safeguards for my sanity while I work on a fantastic project for my interning at Sibley Grove.

Last Friday I got started on some packaging ideas for an ethos and concept-meaty product, which was designed by Kate Sibley. After a thorough introduction to the material the product was made from and gathering some visual cues and essential ideas, I set to work. Playing with tape and cardboard to make 3D things, is one of the strongest memories of my childhood and is consequently where I still fatally lose myself to this day! One day I must post pictures of my paper models of different typeface letters, littering the top of my desk dvds!

Naturally I am hesitant to post much in the way of the nature of the item I am designing for, but I can safely say that it has been dominating the backrooms of my mind since Friday, tumbling through different combinations of shapes, patterns and tessellations etc. There are several balances I feel are important to strike in the shape and patterns of the design, and luckily, I have more time to fold, cut and paste until I am back in London. So, exciting times ahead I should think, but I’m looking forward to when I can begin refining some of my rough models and discussing what does and doesn’t work for the brief.

I’ll save making this post longer than necessary, but I think a big picture reference post would be a good idea to give a flavour of what I’m up to at the moment.  While I collate these, I’ll try not to get distracted with grids and scalpels again…

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