Dead Drop-ping

It doesn’t look like there are any of these in the UK at the moment, but I’d love to stumble across one the next time I’m in Europe.

Of course, I am bound to instantly bond with any art/design/intervention project that becomes part of the urban or city landscape, but this sounds like a fantastic idea. I don’t think I would be able to shake the wariness of other users who weren’t as philanthropic as others, but I’m sure they would be a minority! I would be so intrigued to see what I was able to pick up if I plugged in and raises the question of what I would leave behind me.

It reminds me of a higher-tech incarnation of Geocaching – which I still would very much like to do one day, and should add to my New Years wish list. Maybe this is the upgrade it has been waiting for? It would be an improvement from the widely reported trouble caused by UK based Geocaching last year!


After my past proposals for inserting bookworks into building fabrics, I wonder how long it would have taken me to reach the same conclusion as this? Watch out Kent!

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