Eye Magazine | Opinion | Understand, visualise, survive

Definitely an interesting read (if a little outdated, first appearing in 2010) over my morning coffee. I’d love to read an up-to-date edition/response on a similar vein:

Max Gadney argues that information design should be a compulsory part of every graphic design course

Eye Magazine | Opinion | Understand, visualise, survive.

Reflecting on the work at my graduation show that attracted the most attention by professionals and visitors alike, it is little wonder that this article hasn’t resurfaced sooner. Personally, I would say that a project demanding sharp understanding of the actual matter at hand is far more beneficial than regurgitating research into style.

So many of the projects I undertook and was surrounded by in the classroom, had undefined solutions and parameters. While I understand this may have been necessary for students to find our own ways of working and directions, within a flexible frame, I can say wholeheartedly that there are times I would have appreciated “a steer, not more ‘self-direction’ ” when I was bogged down in how exactly to demonstrate my understanding- a poster set, leaflets, balloon drops, smoke signals, paper planes etc.

It took a very long time for me to ignore the anxiety that arose when I did not have an fixed end product in my mind, and sometimes wonder whether this merely pandered to the fine artist in me. I appreciate that having no fixed target can be beneficial to creativity and will often lead to unexpected results- thinking out of the box if you will- but letting it run free seems to require a feat of self discipline that might not be available to students during their first exposure to design at that level.

I love projects that I can get my teeth stuck into, understanding the subject, how it works and what issues it connects with, so with this is mind I am setting myself a little challenge. I am now on the lookout for some data to crunch through and play with. Even if it becomes side project scribblings in a notebook to break from the monotony of placement hunting, I think it will keep me ticking over in many respects.

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