The pictograms of the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014 |

Having been released in the latter half of last year, I’m almost disappointed to say that I completely missed the big reveal for the graphic accompaniments to the Sochi 2014 Winter Games.

But what a tasty surprise to find while cruising design blogs! I found them here but I’m sure there are plenty of blog entries out there, with comments of the good, bad and ugly.

On first impressions, I’d be remiss to ignore such beautiful curves on stick men! Everything about these figures appears to be softer than those we last saw in the summer (arguably, this would not be difficult!!) Working beautifully with the type, the overall impression of the word and image almost reminds me of an ‘app’-like aesthetic- soft around the edges but functional and modern. In fact the only jarring element I keep finding myself drawn to, is the smooth lining up of the hi and 14 amongst the text. Yet even this reveals a rather nifty visual trick across the figures upon closer inspection… (mirror images and reflections above and below the baseline?)

See it? Now its all I can see. But I don’t think I mind! Its nifty little reflections and devices like that that keep me coming back to design, just when I think its uncrackable. As it is I have a list of prompt words and actions that I have copied into all of my small notebooks, that have helped me out of a few quandaries and remind me that while there might not always be a quick fix to a problem or even a generic cure-all, simple things can have a big effect.

One thing mentioned by this entry’s writer, is the attention drawn to the similarities in the work of Otl Aicher. Having spent many an hour reviewing the work created for the Munich 1972 games (as part of my role preparing visual assets for the 2012 exhibition M’72) the 2 biggest components I remember are the vivid colour scheme and heavy emphasis on the cultural roots of each design. Perhaps this was the essential missing link we dropped when designing the 2012 Summer material…?

Perhaps this picture is a good case in point comparison to below… 

…with colours lifted from or inspired by the surrounding area

With a patchwork of beautifully intricate patterns and textures, the posters feature cut-out samples of colour through large scale pictograms. Simple, colourful and intensely unique looking! (Original larger versions of these are available at original urls when clicked)

Examples of each colour, (from the plethora featured on the original blog post) based upon samples from each of these larger wholes:

All original pictures, links and text can be found at the original host site: The pictograms of the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014 |

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