Isoculture photo update

Quick photo post between tasks today… volunteering and design… got to keep busy!

A French TV-magazine film crew were following the exhibition for the day, making us all a little self-conscious but was a pleasure to host international interest! Not to mention the morning lecture regarding stem cell application for targeted organ healing. Mind blowing! I must tap up my notes when I have more time, I would love to learn more about the field!

Filming the detailed and bizarre process of turning breast milk into a useable substitute for plastic. Collected interns couldn’t help but notice the similarity in process of cheese making..!

Aftermath of the filming process. When the artist is away, the interns will play! Note the strange texture of the milk/plastic. Poking is a must.

The growing collection of Isoculture objects and experiments. Recently added were human fat and caustic soda soap, as well as objects demonstrating a potential outcome in genetic random selection in hair colouring

Part of this weeks design task, preparing material for the big start of designing out isoculture

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