Vanishing from the ISOCULTURE

It is longer than I thought since my last blog post, which saw me in the middle of helping out artist duo Burton Nitta imagine the future where humans might become self sufficient by means of, well, themselves.

However, my time alongside the fusion of cutting edge science and speculative design came to an abrupt end, and just when things were getting interesting! The experience of this exhibition as I saw it last, really fed the emerging scientist in me. I have a natural curiosity for bio-science in particular and although one school of thought says we are all born scientists, the opportunity to hear lectures from respected professionals in the fields of stem cell research, horticulture, anthropology and behaviourists has been one I have not begrudged myself.

I would be remiss if I did not also mention the growing collection of isoculture experiments, playing with potential items and practices that might be used in such scenarios. But of course, since I last saw the exhibition it will have definitely developed into a fascinating set of objects and articles scattered across the walls and tables.

While I am hoping to return on its completion, I would urge anyone with a curious mind to head down to Watermans before the culture really vanishes forever!

ISOCULTURE homepage 
ISOCULTURE tumblr page (featuring latest updates on the communal creative projects that  are evolving to tell the story of one incarnation of this imaginary culture)

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