Pick Me Up 2013: Midweek Wonderland

Having spent a promising morning commute wondering whether I would be able to fit in a visit to Pick Me Up this year, I was pleasantly surprised when I was encouraged to take a couple of hours out of the office around lunchtime and visit the graphic arts festival at Somerset House.

The walk from Blackfriars to Somerset House could not be faulted in the glorious weather, and I was confused to discover that contrary to my discovery last year, there was no queue of any kind at the entrance! As I was to discover, the galleries inside were just populated enough to create a good atmosphere but not so much that I couldn’t press my nose against a piece and worry whose view I was blocking. It was just as well that I could take my time to soak up the work however, as unfortunately, I had neither a notepad or  decent quality camera to document pieces that I liked! Luckily I rummaged long enough to find pen and note some artist/collective names on the back of some postcards.

(From top left to bottom right: exhibition entrance stands and graphics, Maricor/Maricar, Maricor/Maricar, Hattie Stewart, Jean Jullien, Ugo Gattoni, Damien Florebert Cyupers, Malika Favre, Galleries interior, Print Club London, Studio Yra, Jean Jullien, Zombie Collective stand, The Williams Sisters, The Williams Sisters)

Other pieces that caught my eye included work from Chloe Cook, whose typographic piece ‘Miscreants will be thrown to the lions’ very, very, very, nearly had me parting ways with my cash (akin to the gloriously impulsive spending spree of Pick Me Up 2012). You can see more of her work here on her Tumblr, including the lion work- she is a multi talented lady indeed!


The ‘Special Brews’ collection from Peskimo also made me wish a had a larger wallet- this is not to say that I wouldn’t mind any of their other crisp, vibrant and beautifully retro edged illustrations or screen prints! You can see their selection of print beverages on display for sale at their bigcartel shop here and the impressive catalogue of their work on their website here. You may even recognise some of their more famous pieces…

My final remembrance is for the Modern Toss. In fact, anything they might have ever or will produce. It might not be polite, big or clever, but their grown-up humour cartoons and illustrations crease me up every single time. The piece here is one of the safer ones, and filled with lovely grammar nerdiness. Click on the picture for a larger, easy to read version of the one below. Those of a sensitive disposition may wish to decline following the link to their website… but I would recommend it!

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