May Update

This last week has provided a veritable plethora of food for thought. Amongst applications and keeping an eye on the Clerkenwell Design Week events planner, I have become involved in an exciting opportunity regarding the design aspects of a brand new microbrewery, in the process of startup. Beer and design? Surely the ultimate combination for extra curricular weekend research? I’m certain I would find no shortage of volunteers to help me gather materials, if only the sun would just come out of hibernation!

During my initial week formulating design ideas, I have been reflecting hard on the conversation with the brewery owner and have realised the freedom which I have been afforded! Under a single company appearance, it is intended that each beer would have its own design characteristics.

Working through these by way of 3 core styles of beer, it has taken on a schizophrenic appeal that touches base with the company mark but allows the distinct personalities to come forward in different shapes and styles. Having just come from a place of uniformity and cleanliness, the free form, all embracing creativity and enthusiasm is most definitely infectious! In particular contrast, I have been enjoying the variety and liberation that a scratchy ink pen, hand rendered type, chunky paper and ink blots, can provide.

Unfortunately, like with all good things, my exploits have been brought to a temporary halt with the arrangement of an interview for tomorrow, for a 3 month internship as a creative junior artworker. After New Statesman, I was bolstered in new ways and feel that combined with the variety of work carried out at this new location, my experiences will create a good platform from which to continue developing into a more experienced and ‘studio trained’ designer.  Fingers crossed…


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