New Internship at DJD

Capping off my blogging streak this afternoon, I can announce that next week I will be starting a 3 month junior artworker internship at Dowling Jones Design, in Fulham London, specialising in interiors and property/estate agency services.

The variety should be building on the formality of my time at New Statesman with the intrigue of a new area and subjects. However, knowing my propensity to write everything down for future reference, and judging by the size of my last one, 3 months is going to need a bigger notebook…

I’m really looking forward to starting work with a new team, on new challenges in a new location. Hopefully  it will develop into a longer term position, but I’m not keen to tempt fate anymore than strictly necessary! Blog posts should drop off a little steeply until I settle into a working rhythm, but at the end of this week I shall be visiting Spectrum,  the 3rd Year Graphic Design: VisComm show at The Rag Factory. I’ll be looking to finish off this lull with a flurry of photography! So until then…


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