Image Reference and Research Post – Packaging

Using thedieline as a starting point for successfully branded and interesting packaging concepts, I have compiled a quick run down of flavours that are helping to create the taste of my current project:

(All images are linked to their homes on thedieline) (Warning! Image intensive!)

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Enchanted Palace – Kensington Palace

I decided to strike while I was still painless and enthusiastic, making a snap decision to visit London the morning after musing how much I loved installations. Fortunately, while the weather made being outside a misery it made being inside Kensington Palace brilliantly quiet. They were very camera friendly under the conditions of no flash, which was both a plus and bonus. I was getting to grips with my new camera which meant I had to fiddle with settings frequently and I expected limited success in the dim settings, as is often the trade-off in these places. Still, 113 decent images out of 279 says that conditions can’t have been that bad!

The concept behind the displays was an illustration and re-imagining of the lives of 7 princesses that have lived at Kensington Palace. Where the standard displays of artefacts and plinths of information can be rather stale in some historical attractions, here the producers successfully manage to transform an already impressive setting into a surreal, fairytale and sometimes weird stage upon which tales from many different ages are seamlessly acted out.

By no means childish and often sad, the tales of these princesses has been told through poetry and visually modern and abstract interpretations of what might be another boring history lesson. The past and present, sweet and sinister, happy and sad, all collide in what I found was a immersive atmosphere of history that embraced the changing building conditions to its benefit! It would be a truly boring and mammoth task to describe every room in the display. I’m loathed to start doing it! Hopefully, the photographs give a taster pf most of the rooms:

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Buy Nothing Day imagery

A quick look at what has preceded my work.. It appears very little official and centrally distributed material exists for BNDay, leaving people to create their own work that is much more diverse for my perusal!

Taken from a zombie walk in Ireland- could images of zombie shoppers inspired by B-quality horror films catch peoples attention in a humorous way? Photo link to original article from BND ’09

Above example source

More after the cut

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Post-V&A seminar rambling — longwinded

I normally work on Sundays, so this is actually the first chance I’ve had to sit down and type up a reaction to my bargain day of education.

Held on Saturday 29th October at the V&A Museum London, the series of seminars entitled PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE: 25 YEARS OF WALLPAPER was held in close relationship with The Wallpaper History Society and required me rather unusually, to sacrifice a day of my weekend on the alter of genuine curiosity in developing my knowledge of design practices.

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3M Advert

This came up as an extremely relevant example of work that tempted people to smash and grab inspite of their inclination not to:

The truth is, that there were actually only $500 put on the top of the fake bills, and people were only allowed to use their feet to break it. In case, someone actually broke it, there was a guard to assure that nobody kept the fake money from the glass. He also had to make sure that the rules of breaking it were being followed.

By stacking money inside the bus shelter wall and challenging people to break the glass, their incitement of misbehaviour is similar to my own.

Close but no cigar…

Fantastic Plastic!

Today has been quite productive, with a lot of paper journaling as well as visualising potential ideas with the computer. One of these involved encouraging people to smash in shop windows. Should probably think of a way around that…

Fantastic Plastic

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