Review Notes & Response

After today’s review it looks like I’m going to be making another pass at the drawing board.

And I won’t lie, its a little depressing. Its actually more frustrating than anything else. But on the flip side, it is entirely possible that the solution to my current problem is already half-formed in my idea generation and development.

My most immediate problem is the design of my seating unit itself and how it fails to adequately convey the feelings that the billboard design concept succeeds in doing. Which is to say that it was identified how the billboard concept relied on the element of overgrowing and wilderness over a period of time, which better conveyed the idea of non-conformity with the urban environment. It is this wildness that was missing from the drawn-up seating plans and was much too restrained in its use of plants. The mock seating units are too harsh and do not invite touching or curious investigation. They still look like street furniture and by including the redirection to parks, they preach about something that they could be demonstrating there and then in a very unconvincing tone.

Fixing this might not mean a completely new approach however, since discussion revealed that my initial thinking and ideas were much more experimental, and utilised more organic matter in display. How did this change of tact happen? Thats another story entirely, but by revisiting these ideas I can incorporate my recent considerations and develop them afresh. Since the review I have synthesised a new concept based on these, which is much more reflective of the wild, free growing yet functional work I am aiming to propose. I plan on running this past a tutor to make sure I’m not heading down yet another dead end, but will have to digitise it first.
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Major Project Motivation – A viable idea emerges!

After a conservative bedtime of 2:30AM this morning, my morning has so far been more positive for my Major Project than the whole of last week combined. Like they do, an exciting concept that combined a few elements of my existing ideas, popped into being sometime between leaving the house and running to the bus stop. I had enough time to draw some rough layouts and scales, which might tell you enough to realise that once again, my subconscious has returned me to experiential design.

(If it screams any louder I’m going to start going deaf from the inside out.)

As it stands at the moment, my idea comprises of a combination of organic and unorganic elements that are placed in a city centre/space to provide not only visual relief, but promote the benefits of nature in built up spaces. Currently I do not know enough detail about these benefits to convince the passerby, but I am aware of the availability of oxygenation statistics as well as the already proven link between natural space and mental relaxation (here especially useful in terms of the latter). I hope this information can be presented in the form of short facts and statistics, through brief extracts of type across the installation.

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Tutorial and To-Do List – 31/1/12

Todays tutorial was amongst a little organisational chaos, but I think I reached a good outcome nevertheless. 3 points, lots of reminiscence, GO >>>

1. Scrap the idea that doesn’t fit.

The first of the 4 designs      that I (guess which!? > ) started working on for my printed freebies has never quitetaken on the theme or appearance of the others. It has more momentum, a little pound sign joke/reference in the balloon strings and is much more crowded. Continue reading

The Epic To Do List – 11/1/2012

Nothing to see here, just planning my next few weeks. This is of course depending on me not getting too caught up in everyone else flying around to meet the original deadlines. I dread to think how infectious the panic is going to be in a couple of weeks. But thats neither helpful or positive! Complete speculative scaremongering!

Hit the ground running and I can print this for my sketchbook:

1. Minor Project

Start making the designs and concepts I have already outlined in my last section of work. Conceptually my final outcome will be a prototype set for a Buy Nothing Day street team or individual/s wishing to promote or highlight awareness of the event. As discussed, buying the set would contradict the message at hand so materials would be sent out for free. Alternatively, stencil patterns, posters and leaflets could be made available for download and distribution via the central organisation website. This is already employed as a ‘Toolkit’ from the BND site: here . Those wishing to put more resources into their publicising would be at complete liberty to do so.

Kit contents (all to be made for handing in):

– Carrying box: cardboard box with lid of the appropriate dimensions to hold all of the materials produced. Stencilled slogans and text onto the sides in appropriate colours. Also to form part of the potential public display

– Balloons x4: All to be printed with Less and More text, on 2 correct colour schemes. Apparently printing text onto balloons is possible at home? I can’t find a cost realistic means of printing  latex balloons through the internet. I’d be happy to have a batch of 25 if I had to, but the printing in white combined with the different designs is making the costs average out at around £100. I know I’m enthusiastic about my work but…eek! I’ll have to investigate the method of marker pen onto latex, which I’ve done alot of in the past but not with a template in mind.

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Buy Nothing Day bags

Well, not really. But nearly, compared to how I got there. Having scribbled alot of this instead of thinking it out, I’ll cut to the chase and use photos of the pages to fill in the blanks between now and the next few posts:


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Post tutorial To-do list

Having written this all up once, I ain’t going to change much for this version!

1. The idea proposals/recreations so far have 2 separate identities/themes in the same form:

-The hangover of the Emergency Box visuals

– The Buy Nothing Day, Less is More ethos

They conflict visually and partially ideologically. ONE needs to be chosen. After group consideration and consensus, it was a 50-50 split. Wonderful. BUT given that I just refocussed my project on BNDay, I’m much more comfortable designing for a pre-determined issue and this is one.

SO. Drop the Emergency Box like its hot.

2. What am I trying to do with BNDay? Publicise but most importantly, PERSUADE. Why should people do this? They have money they want to spend, so whats appealing about my alternative? I say Less is More, but why should people follow that ethos? A typical challenge for any campaign. How do I convey that being less of a rabid consumer can be a positive thing?

SO. Communicate: why BNDay exists and what people can do instead.

3. Stop visually dividing the frontage into two, unless it can be designed in a very unifying way (ie. inside a frame or very close together).

Post Tutorial To-Do list

The best way to sum up how this felt was like being congratulated on reaching Base Camp, but then being reminded that you’ve got a whole freakin’ mountain to climb yet so you should put the party banners away before you injure yourself with delusions of sufficiency. They key idea from this group tute was making the scope of the project sufficient in volume and challenge, as to accurately reflect a third year project. Being the last one in the group to speak, I was more than well aware that my project was lacking in many ways before we got stuck in and the sensation I described had just begun to sink it.

But I’ve had a bit of time to think about it and actually, Base Camp is an important stage in its own right, right? You’re on the road and you’ve put one foot forward. So with this in mind, I will scrub what I was planning to do (as I customarily do these days) and step out again. Into the rain.

A new plan appears!

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