Baseline/UCA Private View Evening

A quick update having come back from the private view evening for the Baseline/UCA exhibition at the University Gallery.

Very busy, very warm and very noisy, it seemed like a appropriately close atmosphere for the culmination of my experience in contributing to an exhibition. While Savvas snapped the evening away (to the despair of some!) it was especially nice to see the work that I had been so close to up on a wall and interacting with people. The highlight in that respect was seeing a couple of small children having how it works explained to them by an accompanying grownup. Cute as well as being a little reassuring to hear it being flawlessly understood by someone that wasn’t slouched over the Base Room table at 6pm! In perspective, it looks much more striking when seen at a distance in a photograph, nestled amongst the other work. Which is not meant as a derisive comment, but is as close as I’m going to get to saying it looks pretty cool…

During the course of the evening we also found out that our group work has been featured heavily in the photographs used by websites talking about the event:


In addition to


It may not be much, but for something I had to weigh up in terms of my time spent on dissertation and other project, I’m glad I decided to get stuck in. I’d forgotten how working in groups was a much faster and enjoyable experience to locking myself in a room and working it all out. Or maybe thats only if you ate as many biscuits as we did…

Either way, once I’ve uploaded my last few photographs its back to scheduled programming.

Lots of links for future reference


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